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Ephesians: Outline Chapter 1:1 - Paul the Apostle (1 of 7)
Series: The Epistle to the Ephesians
Harley Howard

The letter of Paul to the Ephesians is undoubtedly one of the greatest letters in the entire bible. It paints the picture of the believer in the Heavenlies with Jesus Christ and focuses on the believers true position in Christ Jesus. There are 4 great truths presented again and again in Paul's mind and we will see them as we study through it.

• First, Paul emphasizes what we were when we were lost.

• Second, Paul tells us of the grace of God towards us.

• Third, Paul tells of the glorious position of the believer in Christ.

• Forth, Paul tells us that we need to match our practice to that position.

This theme runs throughout this epistle. The believer must understand their position in Jesus Christ will affect their behavior in this world. One of the major focuses in this epistle is on the trinity. All persons of the Godhead are presented and praised for their great works of grace towards believers. I will repeat again and again throughout this study of this letter, that the main focus of Christianity is not the Church, but of the Godhead. The main focus that is often given today is on the person; the individual, how Christianity benefits me as a recipient. But such is not the case at all in true Christianity. True Christianity's main focus is on God, and of His wonderful graces towards us, not the reverse. When Christians see that the priority of Christianity is God, then true worship begins.

Outline of the Epistle:

Chapter 1: Redemption (The purchase of the Church by Christ)
Chapter 2: Reconciliation (The unity of the Church through Christ)
Chapter 3: Revelation (The mystery of the Church)
Chapters' 4 6: Regeneration. (The ministry of the Church)


Paul, Chapter 1:1 and 3:1.


Was populated with over 250,000+ people. It was the home of the pagan Idol, Diana of the Ephesians, ...

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