by Wayne Hinson

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I Can Stand Because The Holy Ghost Is Building Me (3 of 5)
Series: Points Of Pondering For The Pilgrim's Progress
Wayne Hinson
I Corinthians 6: 19-20


I. The House That The Holy Ghost Builds
A) Forming The Foundation
1. The Strength Of It
2. The Source Of It
B) Fitting The Framework
C) Filling The Furnishings
II. The Habits That The Holy Ghost Bestows
A) Habit Of Communicating
B) Habit Of Correlating
C) Habit Of Congregating
III. The Horizons That The Holy Ghost Brightens
A) Moving In Was A Thrill
B) Moving Around Is A Task
C) Moving Out Will Be A Triumph

When we compare the indwelling of the Holy Ghost to the construction of a building, we see many striking similarities. This indwelling has been so accurately labeled as "a work in progress". Today, we see a tremendous amount of work, but it is not of the progressive nature. The comparison of a physical building with the building that the Holy Ghost is building in our souls can enlighten our minds and hearts to some interesting facts. Anytime there is to be a construction site, the very first action would be to place a sign on the property informing all that pass by, as to what is going to be constructed. In the spiritual realm, a sign has been placed on the building site of every believer which reads, "Site under construction, Holy Ghost at work". Also, in the course of organizing a building site, there are three steps or tools that are absolutely essential to the success of the building project, They are:

1. A Building Permit
This is an official document, issued by a governing agency that grants permission for the building construction to begin. Likewise spiritually, a permit has been signed and issued from heaven itself, granting divine permission for the Holy Ghost to begin construction in our soul.
Illustration: "Unless there is within us, that which is above us, we shall soon yield to that which is around us".....unknown

2. A ...

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