by Wayne Hinson

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I Am Shadowed For Heaven Is Before Me (5 of 5)
Series: Points Of Pondering For The Pilgrim's Progresses
Wayne Hinson
II Timothy 4: 6-18


I. Those Priceless Memories Of The Task
A) An Unregrettable Dedication
1. To The Fight
2. To The Faith
3. To The Finish
B) An Unimaginable Delight
1. The Way He Traveled
2. The Work He Tackled
3. The Word He Treasured
C) An Unusual Dignity
1. He Withstood The Evil
2. He Withstood The Isolation
3. He Withstood The Desertion
II. Those Precious Memories Of The Times
A) With The Saints
B) In The Seasons
1. In The Springtime When There Was Energy
2. In The Summertime When There Was Endurance
3. In The Harvest Time When There Was Enjoyment
4. In The Winter Time When There Is Enlightenment
III. Those Promising Memories Of The Trip
A) May Go Through The Valley Of Reality
1. A Possibility of Fear
2. A Path Not Familiar
3. A Promise Of Faithfulness
4. A Peace Of Forever
B) May Go Through The Vision Of Rapture
1. There Are The Scenes Of New Blessings
2. There Is The Separation From All Sin
3. There Is The Son Light Of A New Life

Shadows are synonymous with the evening hours of the day. Sunsets cast the longest shadows. In the last few hours of every day, just before the sun goes to bed for the night, shadows grow longer and darker with each passing moment. One can almost see the progression of these shadows as they slowly inch their way toward the night. We can easily draw the parallel between the shadows of the closing of a day, and the shadows that seem to be present at the closing of life. In our chosen passage for this sermon, we find the Apostle Paul in a shadowed scene of the closing of his own life. We can sense some the urgency in his words and instructions to young Timothy. He is reflecting over the past years of service to his Lord, and seems compelled to convey all the particulars of those experiences into the heart of his ...

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