by Harley Howard

The Book Of Job
Harley Howard

Chapter One

1 There Was A Man In The Land Of Uz, Whose Name [Was] Job; And That Man Was Perfect And Upright, And One That Feared God, And Eschewed Evil.

The Location Of Uz Seems To Vary From One Scholar To The Next. The General Consensus Seems To Place The Land Where Job Lived Somewhere In The Arabian Desert.

• It Is Interesting That The Name Job Comes From A Word Which Means, To Treat As An Enemy, And Certainly This Man Was Treated As Such In This Book, From Satan, Job's Wife And His Friends.

Many Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Question Job's Piety And Even Accuse Job Of Having Pride Or Self-Righteousness. Two Things Need To Be Considered In That Particular Evaluation:

• First, We Will See What The Scriptures Clearly Say About This Man From The Author's Perspective

• Second, We Will See What God Says About This Man Directly.

Then We Will Compare What Was Said About Him With The Truth Of The Rest Of The Book And Let It Speak For Itself. It Is Important To Note Right From The Beginning That The Scriptures Declare Job To Be:

1.) Perfect: This Word Does Not Mean That Job Was Sinless, That's Not The Thought Here. The Word Perfect Means, Morally Innocent, Having Integrity, Or One Who Is Morally And Ethically Pure. Whatever Others Say About This Man We Must Never Forget What The Scriptures Say About Him. This Man Was A Man Of Integrity. Job Could Not Be Justly Charged With Moral Failure From His Fellow Man. From The Human Point Of View, Job Was A Blameless Man And That Is Also Going To Be Important In This Study Of Job.

2.) Upright: He Was A Righteous Man; He Was A True Worshipper Of God.

3.) He Feared God: He Was A God Fearing Man.

4.) He Eschewed Evil: He Turned Away From Wickedness And He Avoided It.

Now Job Did Not Live Like This As A Fad. This Was The Bent And Direction Of His Life As A Worshipper Of God. This Is Very Important In This Study Because We Are Going To See A ...

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