by Harley Howard

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Titus Chapter 2 (2 of 3)
Series: The Epistle of Titus
Harley Howard

1. The church's "qualifiers" - Verses 1-10
2. Application of sound doctrine - It's not all in your head - Verse 1
3. Application of sound doctrine - The Godly man - Verse 2
4. Application of sound doctrine - The Godly woman - Verses 3-5
5. Application of sound doctrine - The Godly young man - Verses 6-8
6. Application of sound doctrine - The Godly servant - Verses 9-10
7. God's grace has come in the person of Christ - Verses 11-14
8. God's grace teaches us to say yes to God and no to sin - Verse 12-13
9. Keep looking for the return of the blessed hope - Verse 14
10. Christ's sacrifice redeemed us from sin to serve Him! - Verse 14
11. Preach, speak and rebuke with all the authority of God! - Verse 15

We are witnessing in our country today the results or the fruit of years of self-centered behavioral patterns. We have been programmed in our society for so long that the needs of our individual self outweighs the needs of anyone else, that it has produced the inevitable result that we do not truly care for anyone else. If we say that we care, it is usually for the purpose of using people as stepping stones to further our own advancement or personal satisfaction. There are few people who are truly motivated to help for helping sake, thought there are some.

Unfortunately, this same attitude has found its way in many a church and has devastated the work of God as far as ministry to one another is concerned. Having said all of that, I believe that I can say without the least bit of contradiction that in all that we have studied on this issue of the biblical church alone from all of the Pastoral letters, there is a definite need of ministering to one another that is selfless, commanded by God, beneficial to the entire church body, unworldly in nature, and that is possible to achieve by every member of any true Church body because the Lord has empowered every believer to do it. N ...

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