by Harley Howard

Taking care of the man of God
Harley Howard

As I approach this topic today in chapter 9 of 1st Corinthians, I do so with the thoughts of many men in the ministry I have known and some I know today. I also approach this topic in the hope to encourage men in the ministry all over the world that may come into contact with this series of sermons. I also preach these messages, not only for myself, but also for any future Pastor(s) who may rule this church body as well as for all churches who need to know the seriousness of taking care of the man of God.

For many years I have sat with extreme disappointment and anguish over the way in which genuine, hard working, men of God have been mistreated by their alleged churches.

I have seen good, studious, loving men who were subjected to some of the most horrific and unwarranted treatment by people who, in my humble opinion, according to their lackluster spiritual state and absence of service to the Lord and His church were not worthy to untie their shoes. These were not the hucksters, so popular in many a so-called church, but these were men, who attempted to bring to bear upon the people an accounting to God, His truth and His will.

I do not need to read or hear about these things because I have seen them and have experienced them as well. Taking care of the man of God is not one of the top priorities of the church, nor of many individuals. The prevailing attitude seems to be this: "He, or they, had to take care of themselves".

The church that mistreats God's men in any age does not have the blessing of God upon them. That is clear in Scripture in both testaments. Yet because people do not have a "clue" biblically speaking as to the importance of the work of men of God they simply refuse to do what a Christian is obligated to do-that is, take care of the man of God. We want to offer up many useless and vain excuses, and in some cases, exercise a selective spiritual memory loss. The reality of th ...

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