by James Merritt

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On The Money (3 of 4)
Series: Realign
James Merritt
Malachi 3:7-10


1. The first time I really understood how important money could be was when I got my very first paycheck. I was a teenager in high school and I got my first real job at what used to be called ''Dime stores.'' For those of you who do not know what a dime store is, it was about one-tenth the size of a Dollar store (just kidding!) A Dime store was the closest thing we had to a Walmart when I was a kid. This is where you would go to find very inexpensive items and because of that, they paid their workers very inexpensive salaries.

2. I was making the grand total of a dollar and ten cents an hour and I remember getting my first pay-check after taxes for my first week's work and it was a little less than ten dollars. I thought I was rich! As I looked at that check with my name on it and realized that was money that I had made and it belonged to me, for the first time in my life, this money really mattered for one reason - it was the first time I ever had to ask myself this question about money, ''What am I going to do with it?''

3. Up until that time, I used to get the grand total of a dollar a week for an allowance from my parents and I only got a dollar a week, because I badgered my dad to give me a raise from fifty-cents. Every week when I got my dollar all I had to do was one thing - spend it. Now, as I looked at that pay-check I realize there were a number of things I could do with that money. I could hoar it. I could spend it or I could give it away. All of a sudden, life got a lot more complicated.

4. Someone once said that when it comes to money you can't win. If you focus on making money you are materialistic and if you try to make it, but don't make any you are a loser. If you make a lot and keep it, you are selfish. If you are a high roller and you don't care about making any you are un-ambitious. If you make a lot of it and have it when you die you are an idi ...

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