by James Merritt

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Just About Time (2 of 4)
Series: Realign
James Merritt
Psalm 118:24


1. Imagine this - your banker calls you late Friday afternoon and says he has some good news. An anonymous donor, who loves you, has decided to deposit $86,400 pennies into your account every morning starting the following Monday morning. That is $864 dollars a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Pretty good deal!

2. Then, suppose the banker says, "There is only one stipulation…you have to spend all the money that same day. You can't carry over any balance and at midnight the bank will cancel whatever monies you failed to use." The good news is that is $6,000 dollars a week and almost $315,000 a year, and almost a million dollars every three years, but remember whatever you don't spend you lose.

3. Every morning there is a God who controls this universe, who deposits into the bank of your life $86,400 seconds of time every day - 1,444 minutes - 24 hours - the same stipulation applies. God deposits that same amount into everyone's account and nothing is carried over to the next day. Your life is just like that money - you can spend it any way you want to, but you only get to spend it once and you only get to spend it on a daily basis.

4. That is why when you really get down to it life is just about time. It has never been more important, more valuable, and so precisely measured as it is today.

5. I did not know this, but before the locomotive and the invention of the railroad, time really didn't matter to anybody. When the railroad was built and trains had to run on time, all of a sudden time got very, very important. Phrases that you never heard before like, "Time is wasting", or "Time's up," or "The train is leaving the station" began to be heard all over the country. What we now call "Standard Time" came about because of the railroads. Did you know before the railroads came everybody set their own time? One town could say it was four ...

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