by James Merritt

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First Things First (1 of 4)
Series: Realign
James Merritt
Matthew 6:33


1. [Need a way to segway into the series as a whole - realigned]

2. It was just a few days after the Tiger Woods story broke that I was watching my favorite educational channel on tv. I guess I watch it more than anything else, because it is informational, inspirational, and educational. It really stimulates my mind and my thinking. Of course, you know I am talking about ESPN. The hostess was interviewing Herman Edwards, a former NFL pro-football coach, and she simply asked him the question, ''So what do you think happened with Tiger Woods?'' Without hesitation he replied, ''Tiger simply had his priorities in the wrong place.'' The constructive power of proper priorities can take any ordinary life and turn it into an extraordinary adventure. The destructive power of misplaced priorities can take a super ordinary life and crush it into a million pieces.

3. This great adventure called ''life'' places before every one of us hundreds and if you live long enough thousands of possibilities. Some are bad, many are good, and there are a few that are the very best. Each one of us, as we make those choices and exercise those decisions, has to ask ultimately this question, ''What priority takes first place in my life?'' The sum total of your life will be determined by the priorities that you choose and what you choose to make your greatest priority.

4. I am reading a book right now by a very successful author. In fact, I can tell you his name and the vast majority of you would recognize who he is and many of you have read some of his books. Forty of them made The New York Times best seller list and eleven of them went to number one. The book I am reading is 435 pages of advice on how to be successful. In fact, the sub-title of the book is ''How to get from where you are to where you want to be.'' One of the first chapters deals with this whole issue of priorities and he t ...

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