by John Barnett

The Results of Resisting the Devil
John Barnett
Acts 19:1-20/Ephesians 4:22-24

I invite you to examine one of the most amazing chapters in the Bible, Acts 19. In this chapter we find the key to enduring, powerful churches that God can use, and where Christ's glory is supreme. Today many churches all over the world are involved in what is actually often just veiled competition; it becomes a struggle for "our church" getting more people to come than "your church". What methodology did Paul use to grow a church?

In v. 17 of this chapter we find the two real keys to church growth.

God's Word explains to us what makes Christ's church grow. It is when Jesus is magnified and when God's Word is unleashed.

Jesus was magnified and God's Word grew mighty in one group of people in the New Testament …what a combination to have for the Lord in any generation. That powerful ministry was the result of the purged lives of a local church.

This evening think of every pressure facing us as believers from: our pleasure seeking culture, our mind-assaulting media, and our materialism-dominated way of life. God's Word has an answer for how to walk in the Spirit, abide in Christ, and see Christ's church prevail in an ever darkening world. Resisting the Devil is what we are charged with as an imperative from God's Word.

Spiritual warfare is a theme that we find in the author's of 22 of the 27 books of our New Testaments. We can easily say that the New Testament is filled with pointed warnings to actively resist and defend against the Evil One. If we look at the main passages we can see…

The Five Key Truths of
Spiritual Warfare

There are five key passages on spiritual warfare, and each of them has a very specific message for us to apply. As we turn to each one and read the verses, note the lesson and apply it, by the power of God's Spirit, in your life.

JESUS said to resist Satan we must-USE GOD'S WORD. In Matthew 4:1-11 we saw that God's Word works, Jesus even ...

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