by John Barnett

The Fight For Jerusalem
John Barnett

All of us here this morning live in a world inexorably drawn towards a climactic ending. It is not carbon emissions that will get us, it is not the rise of the seas-there is something bigger. The cataclysm that will end this world is focused upon one place, one people, and specifically, God says-one city called Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the trigger that will set off the grand finale for planet earth.

Twenty-six hundred years ago God foretold that the fate of the entire planet earth would hinge upon one city.

The city God named was not in the fledgling Roman Empire of that day, nor in the great Empires of Greece, Babylon, or Egypt, nor in the great Empire of China or off in the New World…no, it was a city named Jerusalem.

Jerusalem at that moment 2,600 years ago, a backwoods, off-the-beaten-track town that had just suffered complete destruction at the hands of the king of Babylon; and whose charred and blackened ruins were a mute testimony to the impossibility of what God's Word was saying.

• Jerusalem would become the focus of the entire world.
• Jerusalem will be the hinge upon which the whole world will turn.
• Jerusalem will be a cup that intoxicates the world, and for which the whole world will quake.
• In our generation, Jerusalem, mentioned over 800x in the Bible (and never once in the Koran) has become the cup that makes the world tremble.

The Fight for Jerusalem, and all the events leading up to that fight is the spot in the news that you should keep your eyes fastened-if you want to know what God has planned for this world.

Why? Because this topic is one of the greatest reasons that I trust the Bible.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel has promised that He is the only True God; and that He alone can predict the future and have it come to pass exactly as He said it would. This realm of the Bible is called fulfilled prophecy

This book is unique in that God has mapped out specific eve ...

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