by John Barnett

The Passover: A Seder For Christians
John Barnett

Tonight Christ Is Our Passover: The Passover is not merely an Old Testament Jewish event, for Paul instructed the New Testament church to be familiar with all that the Passover portrayed when he wrote, " Christ, our Passover, is sacrificed for us" (1 Cor. 5:7). The mysteries of the atonement are many. In simple beauty, the substitutionary death of Christ may be seen in each element of that Last Supper. The Passover Memorial meal is profoundly instructive to all who will stop and see Christ portrayed.

Passover is the English transliteration of the Hebrew word pesach, translated "pass over," in Exodus 12.13, 23 and 27. The real meaning of this word is found in how it is used in other parts of God's Word, In Isaiah 31.5, "As birds flying, so will the Lord of Hosts protect Jerusalem; He will protect and deliver it. He will pass over and preserve it."

How does a mother bird - the word is in the feminine - protect her nest? Not by passing over it in the sense of passing it by, but fluttering over it, spreading her wings in protection. Thus Yahweh Himself preserved His people on that awful night when the Destroyer was abroad in the land of Egypt.

It was by the Lord's command that the Destroyer executed His judgment upon Egypt. "All the first-born in the land of Egypt shall die." Being in Egypt, Israel came under Egypt's doom. But Yahweh Himself stood on guard, as it were, at every blood-sprinkled door. He became their Savior. Nothing short of this is the meaning of the Passover. The first-born of Israel in Egypt were saved from death by the lamb slain in their stead. God's word to them was: "When I see the blood I will pass over you."

The blood of the lamb made them safe, their trust in God's promise made them sure. In the same way we have salvation through Jesus, the Lamb of God, slain in our stead, and assurance through believing God's record that He "hath given to us eternal life, and ...

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