by Dan Hill

Let's Raise The Roof!
Dan Hill
Mark 2:1-12

I want to ask us a question this morning: What if God is real? What if the God of the Bible is exactly who he says he is and will do exactly what he says he will do?

Now…don't answer too quickly. I'm not asking you how you "feel" about this question. What I am asking you is if you are living as though God is who he says he is and will do exactly what he says he will do? Do you think, live, act and breathe as though the God of the Bible is real?

I can't ever remember seriously questioning the existence of God. Maybe I am naïve; you may think that I am simply not thinking very deeply, but I have just not ever questioned his reality. But with the increasing chaos and deepening crises of the world, I have been asking myself a lot: what if God is more than just a name on the pages of an ancient book? What if he is more than just the subject of Sunday conversation?

So I want to make a confession to you: I am desperate! I am more desperate for God to be real in my life than ever. I am desperate for God to make us more desperate than ever.

There is an event that took place in the life of Jesus that has desperation written all over it. It is found in Mark 2: 1-12. Anyone who has ever been to Vacation Bible School or to Sunday School is acquainted with the story.

Text: Mark 2:1-12

Jesus has come home to Capernaum. According to Matthew 9:1, Capernaum had come to be known as his town. It became the headquarters for his ministry in Galilee. Many of the miracles that Jesus did took place in this little village of Capernaum. The people there were amazed and astonished by what he did. Well, Jesus comes back home and the word gets out that the Lord Jesus is at a certain house and immediately a crowd gathers. They completely fill the house where Jesus is. They are standing in the door; they are looking through the windows…because Jesus is in the house.

Can I tell you that the greatest thing that could ever take ...

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