by Dan Hill

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Lift Up … And Worship (2 of 4)
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Dan Hill
Malachi 1:6-13

Can I ask you a question: What does God want from you more than anything else? If you said anything other than worship, you're wrong.

If I asked you what the priority of Spring Hills Church is, what would you say? Well, I want to tell you if you said people or ministry or growth or success then WE are wrong. We are wrong because somehow we have failed to teach you and prioritize for you that God and God alone occupies the place of ultimate and absolute priority here. And in fact, if God is not in first place here, then everything and everybody is out of place!

And yet I have to tell you; the question that is haunting me the most right now is this: If a person walked in here off the street, could they easily tell that God is a real priority here? Would they easily sense the presence of God in this place? The reason I have been asking this is because, at least of late, we have made worship into such a self-centered kind of thing.
1. We slice worship up into styles now.
2. We segregate it away from other activities.
3. We idealize worship by insisting that music and especially style of music is actually the fuel that makes worship go.
4. We have come to see worship as denominationally determined and styles of worship have become the litmus test for true spirituality.
It may just be that instead of worshipping, we have come to the dangerous condition of worshipping ABOUT worship or even worshipping, worship. And that scares me.

HERE IS THE TRUTH: God made you for the purpose of worshipping him! And if you ever expect to be all that you were intended to be and experience all that you were intended to experience, God must be first. In fact, Job 32: 2-7 says that when God created everything, the angels joined in a mighty chorus of praise to God. And when history closes on the earth, praise and worship to God will saturate the atmosphere! In fact, the last word of the Bible is a word ...

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