by Dan Hill

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Shape Up … Live Supernaturally Natural (3 of 4)
Series: UP
Dan Hill
Romans 12:4-5

The Christian life is supernatural in origin and is intended by God to be supernatural in the living out of it. And that is the very reason that the Christian life begins with the Holy spirit of God taking up residence in your body.

When Jesus was giving his last minute instructions to his disciples in John 14, he said "I'm not going to leave you as helpless orphans, I am going to send you one JUST LIKE ME." He was talking about the Holy Spirit of God - one just like him. So the Holy Spirit was given to replace Jesus so that Jesus could be in every believer. If Jesus had stayed in a physical body he would have been confined to one place - one locale - and chances are, he might not have ever come to Ohio! But since the third person of The Trinity is the Holy Spirit, Jesus can be in all places, all the time, in all people. And the Holy Spirit acts and does in people exactly what Jesus would do.

The Holy Spirit is God's provision for us that enables us to live the way God wants us to live and the way we would want to live if we had good enough sense to do it! The Spirit of God is the dynamic, the power, the motive, and the influence that enables every believer to live supernaturally natural.

By the way: The church is supernatural in origin and it is intended to be supernatural in operation. One of the great reasons I believe the church is a God thing is because it would not have survived the way we have operated it all these years had it not been divine!

I doubt if I could get anyone here to argue that God's church is supernatural in origin … but I am just not sure that all of us believe it is to be supernatural in operation. We are not experiencing New Testament power and as a result, we are not having New Testament results but … we don't want to look like failures. So … here's what we do:

1. We bring the simple teachings and instructions of the Bible down to the ...

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