by Dan Hill

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Healing and the Grace of God (2 of 3)
Series: Life's Greatest Secret
Dan Hill
2 Samuel 9:1-13

One of the best kept secrets in our culture today is the idea of grace. We often hear words like karma - fate - luck but we don't hear the word grace very often and even when we do, it is greatly misunderstood. Our culture values talent - education - advancement - achievement - and prosperity. We teach people that they need to "measure up" to something so they can feel good about themselves and be accepted by others.

The fact is, we operate on everything but grace. Dr. James Dobson reported seeing a sign on a convent in California that read like this: "Absolutely no trespassing! Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!" then it was signed, "The Sisters of Mercy."

We desperately need to discover the freedom and the joy AND THE HEALING that can ONLY be found in grace. Do you know why? Because nobody, absolutely nobody sails through life! You can mark it down, we all have problems - we all have hurts - and as a result, we all have wounds.

Some of us in this room have wounds that we got from society. We may have felt like we have been looked down on - made to feel like we are inferior or that we don't belong.

Some of us have been deeply hurt by family members - those are the ones that hurt the most!

Sometimes we have been hurt on the school yard or in the work place.

What I am telling you is that hurts come from every conceivable place. I want to tell you something else I have learned: Everybody has wounds. We may cover them up pretty well, but everybody has at least one wound. And wounds leave scars not only on our bodies but they leave scars on the inside of us. And those wounds on the inside of us take longer to heal than those on the outside. Sometimes it takes years to get over them and a lot of people never get over them. BUT - if we can get a hold of the grace of God and more importantly, if God's grace gets a hold of us…we ...

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