by Dan Hill

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Help I'm A Parent (3 of 3)
Series: Grace: The Best Kept Secret
Dan Hill
Luke 15:11-24

We have been in a series on grace. We have talked about the fact that God wants his grace expressed in every area and place in our lives. For the next two weeks I want to talk about a couple of areas that are closest to our hearts and perhaps the most sensitive areas of our lives - our homes. I want to talk about this area of parenting and grace and then next week, I want to talk specifically about marriage.

Without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs in life is that of being a parent. James Dobson wrote a book entitled: "Parenting Isn't for Cowards." Most of us would second that motion. It is a difficult, demanding, and often frustrating job. It is the job we are least trained to do and yet it has the highest expectations attached to it. It also is the most costly thing we will ever do - not just in money but also in the emotional - physical - mental - and spiritual toll it takes on us. And to top it off - it is a permanent condition from which there is no escape! About the time you finally start to get some experience and figure some things out - they leave home!

And it is so confusing being a parent today. There are so many voices out there telling us the "right way" to raise our children. When I first became a parent I had three theories on being a good parent, now I have three children and no theories! Where do we go for help? Who do we look to as a model? And have you noticed that there are no normal families on television? Most of them are not very happy at all and there are all kinds of weird aberrations. I mean who is going to us "The Simpson's" as a model?

Think with me this morning; what does a home build and based on grace really look like?

There has only been one perfect parent in the history of the world. That's your Heavenly Father. God is the model parent! A lot of times I think we confuse this parenting thing and complicate it way too much. Yo ...

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