by Dan Hill

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Trusting God to Meet Your Needs (4 of 5)
Series: In God We Trust
Dan Hill
2 Corinthians 9:6-10

There is a word in our vocabulary that, at least among many Christians has become a dirty word in the last few years. That word is ''PROSPERITY.'' It is a word that has gotten a lot of bad press although admittedly, some of the bad press has been justified; but it is a good word. Furthermore it is a biblical word.

By the way, one of the most disturbing elements of modern-day Christian living is the perpetual tendency that we have to want to tag someone of something with a label. It seems to be our attempt to feel better about ourselves so we can label something or someone as a way of saying ''I don't agree with this or that or that person because, whatever it is or whoever it is doesn't match my experience or my preference so I can put it down, usually without any real knowledge, and feel better about me.

There; that will not cost you anything extra!

The reason prosperity has become such a dirty word is because we have confined prosperity to things such as cars, houses, bank accounts and position. But the real definition, God's definition of prosperity is radically all-inclusive. I want to give you two definitions of prosperity:

''Prosperity is the status of having all you need AND the capacity to enjoy it.'' That means you are not really prosperous if you are rich in material things and poor in peace of mind and satisfaction of soul.

If you are wealthy when it comes to money and yet you are poor in emotional health and well-being, you aren't prosperous.

When God talks about prosperity it pertains to you whole life; every commodity and every area of your life. See - with true prosperity and riches, the amount that is in your bank account is inconsequential. The vastness of your real estate holdings or the square footage of your house is rather insignificant. All of us have known people who were long on treasure but short on love, life, and as ...

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