by Dan Hill

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Breaking Free From Bitterness (3 of 5)
Series: Breaking Free
Dan Hill

There are two kinds of conditions that are impossible to hide. One is when the heart is filled with love and the other is when we are infected with bitterness. Either one of these can take over our lives and become filters for our entire view of life.

Love cannot take over our lives and long exist as an unexpressed or hidden secret. If love is real, it will be seen in a thousand manifestations. Love is too powerful to be contained and will inevitably spill over in actions and expressions.

Likewise bitterness inevitably manifests itself in a variety of ways, enslaving its victim and corrupting everything in them and everything that comes out of them. Unfortunately, most people that are victims of bitterness do not realize that they are literally tearing their lives apart and in fact, shortening their lives altogether. Bitterness is…
? An emotional cancer that will eat you up from the inside out.
? It is a blight on your soul that will contaminate not just you but the people that you love the most.
? It is a burden that will crush you under its weight.
? And it is a fire that will, sooner or later, end up out of control producing the most wicked kind of selfishness in us.

I meet and talk with so many people who have become enslaved to bitterness and resentment. And I believe there is a strong probability that many who are hearing this message are, unknowingly trapped in bitterness.
? Some of you are bitter toward God because of something that happened in your life. You feel as though God has let you down; he did not protect you or provide for you or come through for you
? Some of you are bitter towards others; a boss that unjustly and coldly fired you; a friend who betrayed you; a spouse who left you; a business partner who skipped out and left you holding the bag.
? Some of you are bitter toward parents; perhaps you were physically or sexually abused. Some of you are bitter t ...

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