by Dan Hill

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He Who Forgives First, Wins! (4 of 5)
Series: Breaking Free
Dan Hill
Matthew 18:21-35

Millions of sincere Christians are caught in an invisible net. They have pain that never seems to go away permanently. They are frustrated because they feel stuck. They never seem to be able to break free into a rewarding kind of Christian life. They frequently wonder if God really does love them since they can’t seem to love themselves. And they see themselves, most of the time, in terms of inadequacy.

God never meant for anyone to live that way! And you don’t have to live that way! God wants you to live in confidence, assurance, and freedom!

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson wrote a little book a few years ago entitled: Secrets of the Vine. He tells the story of a sixty-something professional woman who approached him after one of his Walk Through the Bible conferences and she told him that she did not feel like her faith had ever amounted to anything except guilt. She said that she always felt like God was unhappy with her and then she said, “And why not? I don’t make much of a difference for him in the world.”

Dr. Wilkinson then said to her, “I think there is something else that keeps you stuck spiritually.” Then he named off a couple of likely suspects and then he asked, “Could it be unforgiveness?” To which she asked, “Why would you think that?”

He said that the next morning at the conference, she was waiting for him after breakfast. She admitted that she had spent a long sleepless night. As Dr. Wilkinson talked with her, it did not take long before bitterness toward her mother began spilling out of her. Dr. Wilkinson then asked her to list all the offenses and injuries she had related to her mother.

He said that the next morning she approached him again carrying several pages and she was weeping. She handed him five sheets of paper, each covered on both sides with bitter indictments of her mother and then she said, “This is it. This controls my life.”

The end ...

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