by Dan Hill

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Breakthrough Praying (1 of 4)
Series: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Dan R. Hill

Natural ability and talent, diligently applied, can carry you a long way in America. But as an incredible act of love and grace, God will ultimately bring all of us face to face with the realities of limitations. God loves you so much he will not only allow some things to happen in your life, he will in fact engineer things in order to bring us to the place where we realize that we MUST have a breakthrough in our lives.

So many people feel "stuck" right now. It's funny though; when we are stuck in life, we really don't want to be stuck, but at the same time, there's something weirdly comfortable about it. I mean, at least it's predictable and frankly predictability these days is hard to find. And then the days of feeling stuck turns into months, the months can turn into years, and gradually we settle in to living "stuck" lifestyles. Most of us will never be challenged to move beyond stuck because almost everyone else we know seems to be stuck too.

Some of us are facing some impossibilities in our health or our homes. We have those things nagging things that never seem to change. We used to attack them with energy and determination, but now we have, consciously or unconsciously, accepted that "what is, is" and we have found ways to make friends with things we once considered enemies.

It's like the wife I talked with one time who said, "I used to really pray and be bothered by my husband's attraction to pornography, but I have accepted the fact that he is a man and that's just the way it is." NO…that's not the way it is, and it is not the way it has to be. This is a season of breakthrough, and God wants to bring RADICAL breakthroughs to all those under the cover of this house!

What areas of your life do you need radical breakthrough? We have some areas, in the life of this church that we MUST have breakthrough in. We are asking for a financial breakthrough. I don't ...

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