by Dan Hill

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Claiming Your Breakthrough (2 of 4)
Series: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Dan R. Hill
Joshua 14:10-11

God has created you with a destiny in mind. Psalm 47:4 says that God has ''chosen our inheritance for us.'' That means it is providentially and custom tailored just for you. It doesn't mean that we are manipulated like a puppet on strings, but it does mean that flowing out of God's overwhelming and continual love are divine designs for your life.

Now here is the deal about life: Those divine designs can either be embraced, trusted and submitted to in a way that will bring abundant and fulfilling living, or they can be ignored and we can suffer the consequences.

Many people live with a closed, locked door mentality which says there are some areas in my life or in my circumstances that are beyond even God's ability to break through in. And the best they can hope for is to do their best to bear up under them - endure them to the bitter end. And then we say, ''Thank God I will not have this in heaven!'' And yet the will of God is not and never has been to merely get you out of earth into heaven! God's will is to bring the realities of heaven to bear on the circumstances and relationships and situations in your life RIGHT NOW! That is exactly why Jesus taught us to pray, ''Let your kingdom come.''

It is amazing how we become trapped into habitual thinking that does not expect supernatural breakthroughs in our lives to be a normal thing.

As a result we become entrenched in sub-normal and non-advancing lives, and then we will call that normal - yet it is really a lie. One of the really successful things the devil has done to many people is to use lies to make problems appear bigger than the solutions they carry as children of the most high God.

The absolute last thing in life you want to happen to you is to get to the end of your life and wonder what life might have been like - had you only had a breakthrough.

I am talking to some of you wh ...

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