by Dan Hill

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Contending for Your Breakthrough (3 of 4)
Series: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Dan Hill
1 Samuel 17

Breakthroughs never come without a fight of some kind. I mean, have you noticed that the devil does not easily give up territory he has occupied. And over and over again in the Bible this truth is revealed for us. So you need to understand; if you set your focus on moving into the total favor of God…don't be surprised when the devil opposes and actively fights against you.

The devil has absolutely no desire nor plans to bless you and yours - release you and yours - or restore you and yours. His only desire is to kill - steal - and destroy! But God, being the perfectly loving father that he is, desires like any father would, to give his children what they need - more than they need - ALL THE TIME. God is not a father who reluctantly, and only after a lot of arm-twisting, releases his blessing and provision to those who belong to him.

I believe that the most well-known story in the world is the story of David and Goliath. Many of us who have grown up in church cut our teeth, so to speak, on this story. It is familiar and popular not just with Christians but with almost everyone. But I want to ask you to use your imagination and try to hear this story as though it is the first time.

God is bringing our people into a season of breakthrough. Children away from God are going to come home - houses are going to sell - jobs are going to be secured. Long-standing health problems and dilemmas are going to be eradicated and healed. God is bringing about advancement - promotions - bonuses - and windfalls to this house. Addictions are being broken and captives are being set free. But it will not happen apart from our contending for those issues!

When you come to this story in 1 Samuel 17, David has already been anointed king by the prophet Samuel, but before he can step into his breakthrough, he has to face a giant of a problem named Goliath. The breakthrou ...

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