by Dan Hill

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Moving from a Famine to a Feast (4 of 4)
Series: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
Dan Hill
2 Kings 7:3-11

Do you know how far it is from a famine to a feast? It is the distance between your desperation and your breakthrough! One stroke of God's favor will erase years of frustration and anxiety. And no matter how much approval and success you might gain from others; the favor and approval of God outshines them all! And one moment of experiencing a breakthrough from God will transform the darkest hour into the brightest moment. You can move from a famine to a is really possible. But how, that's the question.

That's the question and believe it or not, the answer comes from some of the most unlikely sources…four outcast beggars with leprosy in 2 Kings 7. The setting here is that the city of Samaria has been under military siege by the Syrians. They surrounded the city and cut off what little food was making its way into the city. There had already been seven years of famine so under the best of circumstances there was little food at all. People were starving inside the city and it was truly a desperate situation. Chapter six records sordid tales of cannibalism taking place as the most severe kind of desperation gripped the city.

But as severe as that situation was inside the city, it was even more severe for people with leprosy who had been isolated to outside the city. In the best of times they survived by ''dumpster diving'' or by food that was left for them by family members. But now, even trash was too precious to throw away. I mean, when normal people were rummaging through the trash looking for something to eat, which meant there was nothing for the people with leprosy.

If anyone was ever caught between a rock and a hard place, it was these four lepers. But their situation is not so unlike the situations a lot of us find ourselves in. Some of us in this room know what it is like when a spouse walks out saying, ''I want a divorce.'' Or ...

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