by Ernest Easley

God's Endless Quest
Ernest L. Easley
2 Chronicles 16:7-9

Now with our Bibles opened to 2 Chronicles 16 I want to introduce you to man named Asa. Asa was a man of God who served as the King of Judah. On once occasion he commanded the people from Sodom that lived in Judah to be kicked out of the land because of their idol worship.

On another occasion he removed his own grandmother from a position of respect and responsibility because she had made an image of a false god.

1 Kings 15.14 describes him as one who ''heart was loyal to the LORD.'' 15.11, ''Asa did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, as did his father.'' What a reputation he had! Word was out: Asa was God's man and would not tolerate idolatry.

But King Asa made the same mistake that a lot of Christians are making today: he forgot that God would take care of him. So what did he do? When faced with his enemy he began putting his trust in other things. And when you start tying your security to anything or anybody other than the Lord Jesus Christ you are headed for trouble.

It's like the man who was working on his roof. It was one of those hot summer days and to make matters worse the roof was extremely steep. The climate was steamy and the roof was steep.

Well it didn't take him long to realize that somehow he had to secure himself to something on the ground. So he got a long rope and tied it to his waist and secured it. He then climbed to the highest point of the roof and tossed down the rope to the ground where his son was waiting for instructions.

Well the father instructed his son to tie the rope securely to the tree. But the boy made an executive decision and decided that the tree was too small to hold the weight of his father securely so he decided to tie the rope to the bumper of the family care. The boy thought to himself, ''There! Dad is really secure now.''

Well the man's wife was inside the house not aware of any of this and she decided to go the grocery store. So she ...

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