by Zach Terry

Being a Godly Leader
Zach Terry
Ruth 4

If you remember so far in the book we have seen
• The Backsliding of Elimelech into Moab.
• The Repentance and Return of Naomi and Ruth
• The Good Hand of God's Providence and Provision in Bethlehem
• Two weeks ago we were introduced to the Good man Boaz who stole the heart of this woman Ruth.
o Be a Godly Man 24/7
o Be Interested in your Wife
o Let her know that you desire to be with her
4. Provide for her
o Be Aware of Her Godliness
o Date her
o Intentionally Bless Her
o Be good to her mother
• Last week we saw Ruth,
o Put herself in the way of her Boaz
o We saw that she made herself attractive for her Boaz
o She approached Boaz and the appropriate time
o She initiated Leadership

As we study through the book of Ruth we have found that some major questions are left unanswered.

1. We don't know who wrote the book (The Author never identifies himself)
2. We don't know what sin caused God to send the famine on the land. In Bethlehem, it seems it must have been God's Judgment for there was no famine 50 miles into Moab.
3. We don't know why Malon and Chilian never had children, but that also seems to be a judgment of God because Ruth had a child soon after she and Boaz were married.
4. We don't know why Naomi lost her families land. It just doesn't tell us.

This is a teacher's Nightmare, the author never hints at the answers to these MAJOR questions.

Then we come to Chapter 4 and the author stops and camps out on a simple legal transaction for the next several verses. Why would the author skip over significant details in the narrative and spend a major portion of his book on this business deal?

Because there are major truths that we can learn
from the business dealings of this man of God.

The Church is uncommonly vocal about the subject of bedrooms and so singularly silent on the subject of boardrooms!
-Dorothy L. Sayers

How does a Godly man or woman function as a leader?


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