by Zach Terry

Priorities for the Family
Zach Terry
Ruth 1

The pastor was visiting the 4th grade Sunday School class to talk about marriage as part of the lesson. He asked the class, ''What does the Bible say about marriage?'' Immediately, one little boy replied, `Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.' - How true that so often is.

God commanded our first parents to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it. But don't you imagine that if they knew what they were getting into, they might be tempted to disobey?

- If the knew the pain that they would experience as their first born murdered their second born, do you think they would have had kids?
- If they knew that their race would produce a Hitler, a Ben Laden, a Hussein, do you think they would have gone through with it?

Sometimes I think that God created the intoxicating sensation of romantic love in order to numb our mental faculties to the place where we would allow ourselves to become fathers and mothers. Another way to say it is, ''When you fall in love you get so loopy that you will do something stupid like becoming a dad''.

I am convinced if we fully understood the influence
we carry over our sons and daughters, few of us would be
arrogant enough to become parents intentionally.

Pregnancy Test - Only a parent can understand the anxiety of watching a pregnancy test as you wait to see if there will be a plus or a minus. Then all of a sudden as the vertical lines gradually becomes darker and more evident you think to yourself…. WHAT HAVE I DONE??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

Even then we do not really grasp the office that we now hold. The office of FATHER and MOTHER. We are thrust in a moment from being naive young lovers to be most influential place in another persons life, the place of PARENT.

I think most of the men in this congregation take the role of a father very seriously. Most of the mothers know the level of influence they hold over the ...

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