by Zach Terry

Ruth - The Study of God's Goodness
Zach Terry
Ruth 2:4-23

Sermon Title:
Married Men - Becoming the Husband of your Wife's Dreams
Married Women - Things to pray for husband about
Singles Ladies - What to look for in a really good man
Single Men - How to be a Godly Man

Ruth 2:4-23

The word ''husband'' is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means ''band of the house'' or ''house band.'' He is intended to be one who holds things together.

But, a simple observing of the recent media outlets would seem to tell you that we aren't doing a very good job. It seems like every time you turn on the television you are presented with a new good husband gone bad.

• It all started in 1995 with O.J. Simpson as a seemingly story book romance turned in to a gruesome murder. Since then.... Mark Hacking, Scott Peterson, Jim McGreevy, Kobe Bryant and many others have been seen on practically every media out available as good husbands gone bad.

Well I want to give you a break from all of the stories about Good husbands gone bad. I want to talk to you men in particular today about how to become the husband of your wife's dreams.

The Bible says, ''Walk with the wise and you will be wise''

Today we are going to take a walk with a really good and godly man named Boaz. And we will gleam from the field of his life.

- This is the kind of man that I have asked God to give my little girl.
- This is the kind of man that I wish to be for Julie
- This is the kind of man that I believe each of us have the potential to become.

CONTEXT (So far in our study)
If you remember, God's hand of judgment fell on the backslidden Elimelech and his two sons Malon and Kilion. In the land of Moab Naomi repented and returned to Bethlehem with her daughter in law Ruth.

Last week we saw how they ran right in to the good hand of God's providence and provision.

Today we will see that the greatest provision for these ladies was in the person of Boaz, Ruth's Kinsman Redeemer ...

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