by Wayne Hinson

When The Son Comes Up In The Morning
Wayne Hinson
John 21: 1-15


I. Failure Has To Take A Back Seat
A) The Failure Of No Success
B) The Failure Of No Sight
C) The Failure Of No Savior
II. Faith Has To Take The Driver's Seat
A) They Received An Inquiry
B) They Received An Instruction
1. The Right Will
2. The Right Word
3. The Right Witness
C) They Received An Illumination
1. John Saw The Lord
2. Peter Saw The Light
III. Favor Has To Take The Front Seat
A) He Favored Them With Food
B) He Favored Them With Fellowship
C) He Favored Them With Facts

I suppose that every true pastor has gotten up on a Monday morning with the thoughts of just going fishing and forgetting it all. I have often called this the "Barney Fife" syndrome. We can all recall the episodes where Barney would resign and place one bullet, one whistle and one badge on Andy's desk. As comical as that was, this scene in John 21 isn't so funny. This chapter begins with the words "after these things", which alerts our attention to events mentioned in previous chapters. We need not go any farther than verse 31 of the preceding chapter to find these words "these things are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing ye might have life through His name". This account that we are approaching, is just one of many infallible proofs in scripture that proves that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. The story that we now will attempt to ex-posit and expound, is one that reveals the resurrected Lord to his disciples. These men had grown accustomed to having the bodily presence of Jesus with them, but now that He had been crucified, but yet risen, they could have thought that they would return to their former life, which was fishing. We recall that when the Lord met Peter, James and John, they were fishing, which was their occupation. His invitation that day was for them to leave their fishing and follow ...

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