by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

The Best Love
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Every Bible-believing and Bible-preaching minister seeks the mind of the Lord in preparation
for his pulpit ministry. Sometimes he feels that the Spirit of God gives him a special anointing
for a particular sermon, which may be lacking on other occasions.
This message came through severe travail of soul and through a sweet inspiration to the
spirit of the speaker. It is our firm conviction that it was given at this time to meet the desperate
need of young people who are planning to launch out on the sea of matrimony. The spoken message
wrought upon the hearts of many, as the following excerpt from a letter reveals:
As a twenty-three-year-old Christian single girl, your message really spoke to
me. You made me think and realize how important it is to wait for God's best.
This has been my prayer for several years, but in the business of everyday life we
too often forget that God does have a plan for those who love and desire Him.
We are publishing this message in much the same way in which it was given from the pulpit
in order to retain its flavor and fullness. We trust that the written word will be made potent
and real to the hearts of many who read these pages.
The fairy stories and romances always end with the bright and rosy picture of a future filled
with happiness and bliss. In fact, they always end where life really begins - at the marriage ceremony.
Why is it that today about half of the marriages end in divorce? Obviously, they did not
live happily ever after. Some didn't make it through the honeymoon.
Many books are being written to try and mend the fences of wedlock. Most of them put
down certain rules and regulations to make marriage a success. This has opened up a new field
for the church to enter. Heretofore it was taboo. "Sex" was a dirty word. Now it is the main
topic of conversation, sermons, and seminars in the church. The more explicit, the better the
books will se ...

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