by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Sorrow Not…
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through;
God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
God hath not promised we shall not know
Toil and temptation, trouble and woe;
He hath not told us we shall not bear
Many a burden, many a care.
God hath not promised smooth roads and wide,
Swift, easy travel, needing no guide;
Never a mountain, rocky and steep,
Never a river, turbid and deep.
But God hath promised strength for the day,
Rest for the laborer, light for the way,
Grace for the trials, help from above,
Unfailing sympathy, undying love.
- Annie Johnson Flint

Sorrow Not...
People all over the world are seeking comfort at this very moment.
They long for peace in their hearts. Jesus alone can bring that comfort.
In John 14:1 He tells us the basis for it: "…ye believe in God,
believe also in me." And for those who believe in the Lord Jesus,
death brings hope as well as sorrow.
Let's look at what the apostle Paul says in 1 Thessalonians about
the death of a Christian,
But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren,
concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not,
even as others which have no hope. (1 Thessalonians 4:13)
"I would not have you to be ignorant." I love the way Paul says
that. He uses the same phrase in the Corinthian epistles. When
Paul says, "I would not have you ignorant, brethren," you can
pretty well put it down that the brethren are ignorant. Paul just
didn't come out and say so in a flat-footed and crude way. He is
more polite and diplomatic. I would say that he did it in a very
Christian way.
"Concerning them which are asleep." Paul is referring to the
death of the body. This never refers to the soul or the spirit of man,
because the spirit of man does not die. We shall note that as we
move through this passage, but first I want to mention several reasons
that the death of the body is spoken ...

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