by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Living the Christian Life God's Way
Dr. J. Vernon McGee

For they that are after the flesh do mind
the things of the flesh; but they that are after
the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.
(Romans 8:5)

Before me is a letter, typical of many I have received recently, that
tells the story of failure in the Christian life. The man writes, "It
seems that I know you because I have listened to you for so long.
Several of your recent sermons have seemed especially for my encouragement,
and, brother, do I need it! I am surely in the seventh
of Romans and cannot find the way out. I have the way, but cannot
get in the eighth chapter. I am fighting a losing battle, seemingly
The writer continues in this same frame of mind to the end of
the letter, which consumes several pages. It reveals a great distress
and struggle going on within the heart of a man who apparently
is a born-again Christian.
As we come to the eighth of Romans, we come to a chapter that
is given to set before us the great deliverance that is ours. I have
worked out a detailed division of it but will bypass that and just
attempt to lift out its message as we go along. I trust there is something
here that might help a discouraged Christian. The purpose
of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to lift the shackles from the human
family so that all might come into the place of salvation, and also
to give power to those who want to live for God, as does the writer
of this letter from which I have quoted.
Chapter eight of Romans is one of the great chapters of the Bible.
You could not select ten of the great chapters of the Bible and exclude
the eighth of Romans. It is possible that you could leave out
John 14, you might omit Romans 12, you might leave out Hebrews 11,
but you could never leave out Romans 8. One of the great saints
of the past wrote, "If Holy Scripture were a ring and the Epistle
to the Romans its precious stone, chapter eight would be the sparkling
point of ...

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