by Wayne Hinson

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Breaking News, The Account Of The Wind (1 of 4)
Series: A Wind From Another Country
Wayne Hinson
Acts 1: 1-11

I. Breaking News - He's Alive
A) He Arose
B) He Ascended
C) He Arrived
II. Breaking News - History's Account
A) According To A Pharisee
B) According To Many Portraits
C) According To A Person
III. Breaking News - Heaven's Arrangement
A) The Blowing Ministry
B) The Birthing Ministry
C) The Bonding Ministry

Since that memorable day over 2000 years ago, volumes have been written and preached concerning the wind of the Holy Ghost. Since creation, the wind of the Holy Ghost has been blowing, but in order to gather any benefits from that fact, we must hoist our sails. The book of Acts reveals how a handful of defeated, discouraged and despondent followers gathered themselves in an upper room on the day of Pentecost, and a wind from another country blew across the cords of their hearts and souls. The rest is spiritual history. Our aim, in this series of sermons, is to glean from those accounts that God's Word affords us. The happenings on that day fueled and empowered the church. What has been estimated to be above 2 billion professing Christians today, started with that handful of disciples. Acts chapter one is the only account we have of the period between the lightning of Christ's ascension and the thunder of the coming of the Holy Ghost. While there was only one coming, there has been and will be many catchings of the Holy Ghost. Fifty days had passed since Jesus had left them and that lightning of His ascension had been reduced to just a flash in their hearts. Our account comes from that inspired writer, Dr. Luke. In reality, the book of Acts is still being written today, for the breaking news still excites and motivates every believer. We begin this series of sermons using the example of a newspaper headline announcing the biggest news event since the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We further see:


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