by Wayne Hinson

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Being in Need, the Anticipation of the Wind (2 of 4)
Series: A Wind From Another Country
Wayne Hinson
Acts 1: 12-14


I. Their Environment Needed To Change
A) Change Their Location
B) Change Their Love
C) Change Their Longing
II. Their Earnestness Needed To Change
A) Prayer Was Crucial
B) Participation Was Concentrated
C) Preaching Was Connected
III. Their Engagement Needed To Change
A) Now They Were Willing
B) Now They Were Wanting
C) Now They Were Waiting

The promise of the coming of the Holy Ghost was a conditional promise, at least as far as the disciples were concerned. Their reception was contingent upon several actions that they had to make. Any time a divine manifestation is promised, there will always be certain and detailed instructions that precede that manifestation. The promise had been declared and now the performance had to be delivered. There is a very striking correlation between the coming of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, and the soon coming return of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this study, we will attempt to expound the actions that were carried out by the disciples, in anticipation of that heavenly promise. Certain changes had to occur in the disciples location, love for each other and in their individual lives. This scene prior to Pentecost shows us:

I. Their Environment Needed To Change

A) Change Their Location (Acts 1:4, 12)
Jesus had told these disciples to stay put in Jerusalem, but our story proves that they were not in Jerusalem, but on the Mount of Olives. This was the first action required of them. They had to return to the place where Jesus had promised to bless them. No other place would be sufficient, which means that place was the only place where the Holy Ghost would come upon them. God has always been a one place God. There is a place where we must meet God. Moses had to climb a mountain, Elijah had to get to Zarapheth and John the Baptist had to go into the wilderness. There will be no provisi ...

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