by Wayne Hinson

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Blazing Newness, The Arrival Of The Wind (3 of 4)
Series: A Wind From Another Country
Wayne Hinson
Acts 2:1-13


I. The Suddenness Of The Event
A) A Sudden Arrival
1. Speed
2. Strength
B) A Sudden Appearance
C) A Sudden Acquisition
II. The Sufficiency Of The Experience
A) A News Source
B) A National Scene
C) A Noticeable Supply

In our study of the coming of the Holy Ghost, we are placing our emphasis upon Him as symbolized by the wind. On that day, another symbol was displayed, that of fire. In another planned series, we will address this symbol in detail, but for now, we will mention it briefly. This divine scene of the manifestation of the power of God is precisely the miracle needed in our churches and lives today. With much emphasis being placed upon the miracle of divine healing, the greater miracle, that we are not experiencing, is that of divine empowerment. We need only to look at this band of 120 disciples, before and after Pentecost, to discover the dire necessity of receiving and realizing this power. We strongly resemble a clock with a dead battery. When we look at the clock, we can see the time that it stopped functioning. The clock is now nothing but a reminder of what it used to be when it was connected to the power source. This is the sad picture of the church today. Just a memory of what she once was, when she was connected to the power source. Many contend that there can never be another Pentecostal event, and that is true when applied to the actual coming of the Holy Ghost from heaven to earth. However, when we apply that statement to the manifested power on the day of Pentecost, it just does not wash. We can experience that power again, and when we look at our powerless church today, we should become thoroughly convinced that the need of that power is evident. We need that power today, as never before, but the desire for that power is the weakest it has been since Jesus ascended back to h ...

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