by Wayne Hinson

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Beginning Neighborhood, The Accumulation From The Wind (4 of 4)
Series: A Wind From Another Country
Wayne Hinson
Acts 2: 14-41


I. Requirements Native To The Providing Of A Neighborhood
A) Development
1. A Plan
2. A Property
3. A Provision
B) Declaration
C) Distribution
II. Residents Needed For The Population Of A Neighborhood
A) Designated Residents
B) Decisive Residents
C) Delivered Residents
III. Relations Necessary For The Progression Of A Neighborhood
A) Motivated By The Cause
1. Their Focus
2. Their Fear
B) Moving In The Course
1. Living On The Same Street
2. Telling The Same Story
3. Sharing The Same Supplies
C) Ministering To The Converts

Our text for this fourth message in this series implies the beginning of a neighborhood. This particular neighborhood is of a spiritual nature, but retains many of the aspects of a physical one. The Holy Ghost, like a wind, has blown through the upper room, and has filled those 120 believers with power from on high. Being filled, now they will begin to broadcast the good news that God is going to build a neighborhood on earth, and He will begin right here in Jerusalem. He has planted and powered this vision into the minds, hearts and souls of the upper room dwellers. News of this new neighborhood is spreading like a wild fire, and soon, new residents will be setting up housekeeping in this newly developing scene. As we view this scene, we can feel the excitement and electricity. Everyone is busy broadcasting and building the greatest neighborhood that will ever exist on planet earth. All the equipment, supplies and resources have been made available by the Holy Ghost, who remains indwelt in the believers, and serves as the neighborhood manager.

I. Requirements Native For The Providing Of A Neighborhood

A) Development

1. A Plan (verse 16)
No one ever begins to develop a neighborhood without a plan or vision. I have always been amaze ...

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