by John Barnett

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When Fear and Desperation Ruled (5 of 22)
Series: The Life of David
John Barnett
I Samuel 21:9-15, Psalm 56

None of us know what will be written across the pages of life tomorrow. So God invites us to cling to Him, since He already knows what lies ahead. We cling to God more and more through His promises, as we see how precarious life can get. If we don't start a habit of clinging to the promises of God, sooner or later we'll end up falling apart during times of living fear and desperation like David did.

As we turn to James 4, we will see the spiritual principle David had to learn the hard way. How swiftly David's life changed from unbelievably good, to incredibly bad. Everything had become a disaster. When we look after a while in I Samuel 21, we will find David is all alone and afraid. David never anticipated the turn of events he was facing. In quick succession: he lost his job, he was separated from his family, he lost his closest friend, he lost all feelings of security, and he was facing great danger. David was feeling the upheavals:

When Life
Suddenly Changes

This sudden reversal of his life led David into a time of great fear and desperation. David failed because he momentarily took his eyes off the Lord, just like we often do; but he snapped out of his tailspin into fear, and got back on course in a short time by clinging to the promises of God. What made David God's man was the truth of God in his heart to which he held tightly.

Tonight when sudden reversals hit us, and our perception of our security gets shattered, and fears lurk around each turn in the pathway of life-be sure that like David, you are clinging to the promises of God!

But before we turn back to David's life, look with me at James 4:13-17 , a strong reminder that God's Word asks us to each pause and reflect upon the brevity of our life; and then ponder how God wants us to live each day.

James 4:13-17 Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to such ...

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