by Zach Terry

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Growing in Giving (3 of 3)
Sermon Series: Under the Windows
Zach Terry
Psalm 92:12

Psalm 92:12
The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

You know in almost every area of the Christian life we expect God to expect progress… For example…
• We have no problem with God expecting us to pray more and more effectively after 20 years of being a Christian.
• We have no problem with God expecting us to at some point to get involved in a ministry position down at the Church
• But when it comes to giving… we get in a rut… by the way do you know what a rut is?? A grave with both ends knocked out.

PASTOR BOB COY Said it seems to work this way -
Infant Giving - WAH, WAH, WAH
I can't believe he is preaching this…. Easy, easy… it's gonna be ok.. you will grow up eventually… here's some milk. The Infant is concerned about MINE

Toddler Giving- The Toddler is concerned about RECOGNITION
Look what I gave to you!!! Look what you gave!!! Yes good boy!!
You gave how much! Wow! We are going to name a whole row after you because you are an incredible giver…. But if we at LBC don't say anything about what you gave… the lip starts to quiver… and you say… you don't like what I gave… yes we do, we just don't send letters to the toddlers sorry.

Teenager Giving - Teenager has a one word question… .WHY?
Why don I have to give I don't understand… I don't get this… I'm going to check the Greek…here's the deal I will give but I want something in return… 100 fold I want to see that.

Adult Giving- You know what, there's to many place in scripture where God deals with my heart about this…and I must give.

Senior Adult Giving -
This is the person who realizes he or she is going to spend a LOT more time in eternity than they will spend in time… so they want to get all of their stuff on the other side.


Let's talk about some ways God wants us to grow in our giving-

1) Our Giving Sho ...

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