by Zach Terry

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Verbal and Visual Generosity (5 of 7)
Series: Song of Solomon
Zach Terry
Song of Solomon 7

WARNING: If you have your children in service take them to the nursery immediately or else they will know how they got here.

INTRODUCTION: Look down at verse 10 - Song of Solomon 7:10 (NAS) 10 "I am my beloved's, And his desire is for me. - Can your wife confidently say that? I want that to be my wife's life verse. She may doubt many things, but I never want her to doubt that I am madly in love with her. I think at this point in the life of Solomon that was true of him and the Shulamite. It would behoove us to take a page from his book.

John Gries writes, "Jesus intended marriage to be happy for you. God expects regular sex in marriage, and sex is a learning process."

RNS reported 82% percent of Americans said that sexual satisfaction is important or very important to life. Research showed that age and gender did not affect the response to this survey.

STUFF WOMEN NEED TO UNDERSTAND - Shaunti Feldhan - For Women Only, to help Christian women understand their husbands. Chapter 6, The Keeper of the Visual Rolodex - Here are the basic ideas of that chapter.

• Virtually all men are visual, with the exception of dead men. 25% of women are visual. If you are a visual woman you will have an easier time of understanding your man. Some are Highly visual others minimally visually.
• A man cannot help but notice a beautiful woman, but it doesn't mean he prefers her to his wife. - There's a truck, there's a hot gal. That's how it is.
• Men's minds involuntarily file snapshots of beautiful women and the rolodex is filled with images that stretch all the way back to boyhood and show up without warning. What he does with that file determines whether or not he is acting in a sinful way. Warning against pornography.
• This has always been true, however - Our world assault's men with images of beautiful women. He doesn't have to work hard at this.
• Men derive ...

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