by Zach Terry

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Something to Shout About (2 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 1:3-14

Open your bibles please to Ephesians 1:3-14. I want to speak to you today from this text under this title, "Something to Shout About".

Last week we met Bro. Paul - the great Apostle who was gloriously and dramatically arrested by grace on the road to Damascus. He went in an instant from breathing threats of death against the Church to becoming its most prominent spokesman. From a Roman Prison he writes this letter to the Saints at Ephesus.

The letter can be easily divided into 3 distinct parts
1. Our Resources in Christ
2. Our Responsibility to Christ
3. Our Retaliation against the Enemy

Today we begin this first section which deals with our vast resources in Christ.

ILLUSTRATION: Many believers are like Hetty Green. For many years Hetty Green was called America's greatest miser. When she died in 1916, she left an estate valued at $100 million, an especially vast fortune for that day.

• But she was so miserly that she ate cold oatmeal in order to save the expense of heating the water.
• When her son had a severe leg injury, she took so long trying to find a free clinic to treat him that his leg had to be amputated because of advanced infection.
• It has been said that she hastened her own death by bringing on a fit of apoplexy while arguing the merits of skim milk because it was cheaper than whole milk.

So many believers are just like Hetty Green. They have the infinite resources of Heaven at their disposal, but they live powerless, defeated, and disgusted in this life, doing the best they can just to tread water. Making ridiculous statements like, "Well I'm only human" Not if your saved!

• If you are saved you are an overcomer
• You are more than a conquer
• You are indwelt by the same power that made everything that is out of nothing that was.

Look how Paul puts it in - Ephesians 1:3-14 (NASB95)
3 Blessed be the God and F ...

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