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Death Valley of the Soul (3 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 2:1-10

So far Paul has viewed the conversion of the Ephesian Christians from a variety of angles.

1. In Chapter 1:1-14 Paul spoke of conversion from God's perspective
a. Verse 3 begins… blessed be God…..
2. In Chapter 1:15-23 Paul spoke of their conversion from his personal perspective
a. Verse 15 begins …. For this reason I….
3. Now in Chapter 2:1-10 Paul describes conversion from the perspective of the convert.
a. Chapter 2:1 begins….And you were dead….

• Oh if you don't understand how God looks down from Heaven and see you as elect from the foundation of the world,
• If you don't understand how Paul can find reason to give unceasing prayers for you….
• Perhaps a vivid description of your personal journey in Christ may be of some help. This your perspective.

And what a perspective it is…
• It is the perspective of Lazarus lying in the tomb wrapped in burial clothes...stinking with decay
• It is the perspective of the little girl in Mark's Gospel who was brought to Jesus dead

ILLUSTRATION: Death Valley to Mountain Top.
In his commentary Kent Hughes writes that the view from the top of Mount Whitney is breathtaking it is the highest point in the continental United States at some 14,495 ft. To the north as far as you can see the Sierra Nevada, to the East the mirages of the hot Mohave dessert. On a clear day you can see over 100 miles. 80 miles to the South East you could see Death Valley the lowest point in the continental United States some 276 ft below sea level.

What a contrast, just 80 miles away. One place is on top of the world, the other at the bottom. At the top of Mt. Whitney it is perpetually cool and refreshing and the bottom of Death Valley it is relentlessly hot.

Now they say that it is on the TO DO list of every outdoorsman in California to hit both Death Valley and Mount Whitney in the same day.

Well tha ...

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