by Zach Terry

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Praying for the Discouraged (7 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 3:14-21

A good sense of humor is a wonderful help against discouragement. Chuck Swindol shared this list of things from a certain mom.
It's entitled - Things I've learned from my children

• A King size water bed holds enough water to fill a 2000 square foot home 4 inches deep.
• If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite.
• If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 lb boy wearing batman underwear and a superman cape. It is strong enough however to spread paint on all four walls of a 20 by 20 ft room.
• You should not through baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on.
• When using the ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit.
• A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long ways.
• The glass in windows, even double pain doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan.
• When you hear the toilet flush and the words - uh oh, it's already too late.
• Brake fluid mixed with Clorox makes smoke and lots of it.
• A six year old can start a fire with flint and steel even though his dad says it can't be done except in the movies.
• A magnifying glass can start a fire even on a cloudy day.
• Certain legos will pass through the entire digestive tract.
• Super glue is forever.
• No matter how much jello you put in a swimming pool, you still cannot walk on water.
• Garbage bags do not make good parachutes.
• Marbles in a gas tank make lots of noise when you're driving.
• The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earthworms dizzy, it will however make cats dizzy.
• Cats throw up twice their body weight while dizzy.

Well, we all face discouragement and those we love face discouragement and it's helpful to know exactly how we can best help a discouraged friend.

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