by Zach Terry

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You might be a church - Part 2 (9 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 4:7-16
OPENING: As many of you know, I am an incurable ease dropper… I'm in counseling and on medication for the disorder. Many times this can get me into trouble because I am also one who likes to get involved in things. Those to habits don't work well together.

Last week I was having dinner with a group of people from the Church and I was trying to carry on about 3 conversations - I'm also a multi-tasker by the way. One of our ladies her name is Debra was sitting across the table from me and I heard her, at least I thought I heard her say - "Sharon and Jimmy Junior are taking a new Christians Class". Well, I thought to myself, "They have both been saved for some time, I wonder why they are taking a New Christians class". Then I heard Debra say - "oh it's not at our Church". I thought to myself, "If Jimmy and Sharon are going to take a new Christians class…why are they going to another Church to do it". It was then that I started getting really concerned. Then I heard Debra say, "And they are learning all about trans-fats and lard".
I had to butt in - I asked, "Why in the world are they learning about Trans-fat and Lard in a New Christians class???" I thought what kind of Liberal Church have they gotten involved with!?!?
She said, "It's a NUTRITION class"!
Well today I hope you will not attempt to multi-task and that all of your attention will be focused on the Word of God. Because it is extremely important for the future of Capshaw Baptist Church that you get what Paul is saying.
We are in a series called, "You might be a Church if…". I believe in this passage of Ephesians Paul gives us the essence of what a real church is all about.
PREVIOUSLY: Last week we said that one of the defining marks of a real Church is that it functions as a Gospel Community. This week we will develop that idea further.
You see, I believe that you were born with an innate desire to conn ...

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