by Zach Terry

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The Gospel and the Work Place (17 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 6:5-9

If I am successful in today's message and if your are receptive to what the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish in your life. In the coming years I should be getting phone calls from employers asking, "Do you have any more like that one?".

The Bible recognizes the fact that what you do (vocationally) and how you do it is very much a part of who you are.

It's always been that way -
• When God created man he placed him in the garden to…work the Garden. Work in and of itself was not a part of the curse.
• As a matter of fact we have every indication that you will serve or work in heaven.
• When man rebelled against God, God cursed him where it hurt the most, in his work. His work became very difficult and the world would now work against him rather than with him.
• But the drive to work and produce results is deep within the heart of humanity.
• WHY? Well because you are made in the image of a productive God, a God that creates a God that works.

Jesus said in John 5:17 (NASB95)
17 … "My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working."

So, what you do is very much a part of who you are.

Because of that, there may be no better proof of the reality of your Christian experience, than how your Christianity is expressed in the context of your vocation.

You do realize don't you that your behavior on the job and in the job validates the Gospel. Think about it:
• You tell your work associates that Jesus has brought peace, joy and hope in your heart… they say, "I know a new age guy that said the same thing".
• You explain to them that the Bible teaches that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life… they respond, "I don't believe the Bible".

At that point all you have is the fact that you are different - a different kind of employee, a different kind of manager, a different kind of man or woman, a different kind of stay at home mo ...

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