by Zach Terry

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The Armor of God - Part II (19 of 21)
Series: Ephesians
Zach Terry
Ephesians 6:14-18

The work and effects of Satan can be divided into two arenas- Ordinary and Extra-ordinary Works

1. The Extraordinary Works - It is these that are highlighted this time of year around Halloween. While there is much superstition and silliness -

ILLUSTRATION: I heard about a woman that went to a church picnic and the ladies were having a covered dish luncheon. When she walked in one of these super spiritual ladies walked up to her and said, "What did you bring to eat?" She said, "Deviled eggs." Well, immediately this woman flung her hands up high and said, "I bind everyone of them in the name of Jesus!"

Well, I like what this woman said back to her. She said, "You can bind them all you want to, but they're still deviled eggs."

As silly as some people can be about it, make no mistake Satan still possess, demons are still alive and well, evil is not just a thing of the past, it is perpetually personified in Satan and Demons. Don't make light of that. Witchcraft is real, Satan and demons are real.

ILLUSTRATION: The Media makes light of it - Our kids wanted to watch some show about Wendy the Lovable Witch and Casper the Friendly Ghost and they couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow it. Then I asked if they would want to watch a show about Henry the Loveable Devil Worshipper and Sally the nice Demonic Spirit.

Would you let your child watch a cartoon about Joey the Adorable Crackhead? No! Don't let them watch witches either!

Well Satan certainly operates in extra-ordinary ways… But the Bible sends the bulk of its teaching on the...
2. The Ordinary Works - These are the primary areas where you battle Satan and Demons day in and day out. It's at your work, in your home, in your school, in our Church.

Whether you know it or not you are involved in a Spiritual War -
I read about a fellow who had had too much to drink, and he was driving the wrong ...

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