by Daniel Rodgers

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A Special 'Thanks' To God's Workers (19 of 19)
Series: The Book of Romans
Dan Rodgers
Romans 16:1-27
Sunday, December 3, 2009

TEXT: Romans 16:1-27

INTRODUCTION: The last chapter, the conclusion to Paul's letter to the Romans, gives us insight into Paul's heart and how much he cared for the many saints who had assisted him in his gospel ministry.

There are thirty-five persons mentioned by name in this chapter. All were either believers living in Rome or they were believers who were with Paul as he wrote this epistle-and as we already mentioned, he was probably in Corinth at the time.


A. She was a Sister in the Lord (vs. 1)

1. Let's notice a couple of things about Phebe:

a. She was a sister in the Lord. She knew
Christ as her Savior. Nothing greater can be said about a person than that they knew the Lord. There is nothing more important about you than your relationship with Christ. If you know Him, you have everything; if you do not know Him, you have nothing.

Paul gives an advance recommendation of this sister in Christ to the Roman church so they will receive her and support her during her stay in Rome.

b. She was a servant of the Lord. Phebe was not only a sister in the Lord, but she was also a faithful servant. This is why Paul was able to commend Phebe. She was faithful in carrying out the Lord's business.

The word servant is the same word translated deacon in other places. A deacon is one who the Lord has called to serve him. Phebe was a deacon in the sense that she was a dedicated servant.

ILLUS: On Tuesday of this week, our home church buried Donarose Ritter. She was a special sister in the Lord…and a servant in the Lord. Everyone loved and respected her. She had the most amiable and sweet spirit of anyone you would ever meet. One the outstanding characteristics of Donarose were her servant's spirit. She taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, visited in the nursing hom ...

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