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Mark Chapter 1 (1 of 16)
Series: The Gospel of Mark
Harley Howard

1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God;

One of the interesting facts about this brief but to the point record of Jesus, according to the gospel of Mark, is the brevity that he used to describe the fact of Jesus Christ being God's son. When you compare the other writers, Matthew and Luke, for example, they both spend a great amount of time establishing the identity of Christ that Mark summarized in one verse! In fact, it took quite of bit of introduction of the person of Christ; that is, His deity, oneness and eternality with the father, from John's gospel; and of the genealogies and the focus of His physical birth and that He is the Messiah and the son of man from both Matthew and Luke's perspective. Mark, however, simply stated his gospel with a clear statement of fact; This was the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This gospel began with John Baptist's ministry, or more specifically, His announcement of the coming of the Messiah, for which he was chosen to announce. The announcement was followed by the unveiling of the public ministry of Jesus Christ, which began at His baptism. This is the introductory emphasis of this work from Mark. This is the gospel, the good news, of the coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God! The powerful message of the arrival of the Son of God makes this no common work. The announcement of the coming of the Son of God should have arrested the attention of his readers then and now.

1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God;

The word "gospel" literally signifies good news, and particularly the good tidings respecting the way of salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ. Some have understood the word "gospel" here to mean "history" or "life - the beginning of the history," etc.; but Mark says nothing of the early life of the Savior. The word "gospel" here has reference rather to the preaching of John, an ac ...

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