by Ernest Easley

The Cities of Refuge
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Joshua 20:1-9
April 10, 2011

Now as you're turning to the Old Testament book of Joshua … let me ask you a question: WHERE do you go when you're in trouble and to WHOM do you go when you're in trouble? WHERE do you go and to WHOM do you go?
I'm talking about when the bottom of life drops out. You may feel like the person who wrote these words, "I feel like my world is coming to an end and I cannot handle it. I really feel like I am dying on the inside. I can't eat and am so sick today that I would rather die."
During times like those … we need a refuge! And today I have some wonderful news: God has provided that refuge .. a safe place .. a place of protection. I'm telling you there is such a refuge. And we're going to see today that the refuge He has provided includes not only a person .. but a place!
Well … that's what I want to talk to you about today from this 20th chapter of Joshua. Now before we begin reading in verse 1 … you need to know that the children of Israel were now living in the Promised Land and each tribe had been assigned a portion of land.
Now here was the problem: where would a person go for refuge who accidently killed somebody? In those days there was no police or sheriff's department like we have today. So if one of their family members were killed .. they saw to it that those involved were punished.
But what about those who accidently killed somebody? For instance .. there is an account in the Bible about two men who were in the woods cutting down a tree. The axe head came off the handle and hit another man and killed him. It was an accident.
Suppose the brother of the slain man says, 'I know that man had it in for my brother. He made sure that the axe head was loose so that it would fall out striking my brother and I'm going to kill him for taking the life of my brother."
Well .. that man wouldn't have a chance unless there was a place of refuge. What he would need ...

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