by James Merritt

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The Warrior: Revealed (1 of 3)
Series: The Warrior
James Merritt
Genesis 3:15
March 28, 2010

1. It happens to all of us. It happens at different times and different places in different ways. Sometimes it happens when you go out on your first real date alone with a person that you are really attracted to. Sometimes it happens when you start paying your own bills for the first time. Sometimes it happens when you wake up for the first time and experience depression and you don't even know why. Sometimes it happens on your honeymoon, but at some point in time, all of us wake up to the brutal realization that life is a battle and we are in a war.

2. Do you ever feel like life is a battle? You should, because it is. Do you ever feel like sometimes you are in a war? That is good, because you are. Every one of us fight our own battles and our own war on a daily basis.

3. There are no conscientious objectors to this war. There are no deferments from this battlefield. Fame and fortune will not keep you out of the fight. John Daly, the PGA golfer, battles alcohol. Tiger Woods, battles lust. Mike Tyson battles anger. Drew Carey, the host of The Price Is Right, battled depression so badly that twice, before he was twenty, he attempted to take his own life. The incredible Hulk battles a terrific temper. The truth is we all fight our own private wars and we all stay in constant battles whether it is with greed, or with selfishness or with bitterness.

4. In fact, everywhere you look wars are being fought, not just from within, but also from without. There is war between nations, war between married couples, and even war between governments. It seems like there is always a war going on and people willing to fight.

5. I have some questions about this war that I am sure you share - three specifically.
1) How did it start?
2) How can we win it?
3) How will it end?
The answer to all three of those questions is found in the sto ...

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