by Zach Terry

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All I Want for Christmas - Light (17 of 34)
Series: Jesus, the One and Only
Zach Terry
John 8:12-30

INTRODUCTION: We are in a series of messages called, "All I want for Christmas" this has taken us through the 7th and 8th Chapter of John's Gospel. So far we have seen -All I want for Christmas is - Sanity, Clarity, Forgiveness… and today we are saying, "All I want for Christmas is … LIGHT.

Before one can truly grasp the significance of light one must first know something of darkness. Darkness is an all encompassing term that captures the essence of the godless life.

It speaks of:

• Lack of direction -
• Immanent Danger -
• Fertile soil for sin

As a matter of fact the Bible calls this world system is called - the domain of Darkness.

For those who stumble about in darkness there are any number of false lights that they gravitate toward. Silly Idols who promise to illuminate the incessant darkness. But those idols turn out to be blind guides of the blind.

ILLUSTRATION: Bookstore - If you want to get an idea of what people are looking toward as their lights, stroll down the aisle of the magazine racks at one of the big book stores. You will see an orderly listing of what some people look to for light.

I did some research and found that the best sellers for men are basically soft porn like Maxim and for women Cosmopolitan which tells you how to look like the gals in Maxim.

• They are holding up the light of attractiveness and beauty - heaven is a flat belly weight loss heaven and how you too can loose 20lbs by basically breathing.
• Past that you see magazines that portray the light of entertainment - Hollywood is Heaven with the Tom Cruise as the latest Messiah.
• Finally there is the light of wealth that promises to deliver you from darkness with financial independence and a strong retirement. Who is their Messiah? The Donald.

People get the idea that if they can improve their life everything will be fine, but the darkn ...

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